2015 Spring Issue

Spring issue 2015 featuring two groups from the opposite ends of the world, engaging articles, retro imagery, pinup culture, and confessions from anonymous readers.  Featuring cover model Alexandra Johnston photographed by Stel Bailey.


The face of our first cover is model Alexandra Johnston who loves doing edgy and conceptual styled shoots.  Her career started off modeling for friends in photography classes.  Her experience includes fashion, lifestyle, lingerie, pinup, promotional, runway, underwater, and more.  Alexandra is an enigma of personalities.  She can have what seems to be endless energy, just by feeding on the happiness of people around her.  On the other hand, she can be very quiet and thoughtful.  She is passionate about lending a helping hand and animals.  She says, "I know that I am not stick skinny size, but love to model and will pursue it with every ounce of strength I have.  Life is short, make your dreams' life."

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