Our Hearts Synched with Rhythm: Nashville Boogie

It took one weekend in May to go back into a time of swing dancing, live music, greaser hair, pin-ups and poodle skirts; Nashville Boogie brought history back in true vintage style. Enthusiasts from around the world came to enjoy Music City's first massive indoor music festival celebrating the historic sound that Nashville was built on. There was band ranging from Rockabilly, Country, Western Swing, and Hillbilly Boogie lined up late into the morning to entertain the masses. This event featured a vintage fashion show, pinup pageant, indoor car show, swing dance lessons, and vendor market held at the infamous Gaylord Opryland Resort.

All of the live bands brought upbeat music causing happiness, excitement, and dancing. The mood-boosting benefits of the music alone created a full experience of the retro culture. Our hearts synced with the rhythm and it represented everything rock-n-roll. 

This is a remarkable and talented community that came together of one common interest; a love for different decades. People from all around the world come to Nashville Boogie to fellowship and enjoy live entertainment. Nashville Boogie provides one of a kind experience. - Photography and Editorial by Stel Bailey

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