DIY Spring Birdcage

As seen in Vintage Affair Magazine's 2016 Spring Issue
T H E   H A P P Y  H O U S E W I F E 
Photography Credits:
Featured Project By:
Jacqui-O of Jacqui's Jewels in Fresno,CA

1.  Hot glue the foam ring onto the base of the birdcage.

2.  Cut your flowers to desired length.

3.  Insert the flowers from the outside of the birdcage.

 4.  While inserting the flowers make sure that you are evenly placing the flowers around the birdcage.

5.  Once you have achieved the desired look place some flowers inside of the birdcage foam ring to cover any imperfections.

6.  When adding the birds, take off anything blocking the bottom.  Then insert left over flower seem into the bottom of the bird.

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