Tips for Getting Published

It's time to get published!  Magazines are waiting for artists, bloggers, writers, and you (yes YOU) to submit your content.  Vintage Affair is a print publication devoted to the vintage lifestyle.  Our aim is to touch the souls of our readers through stories and striking photographs that capture different eras in the modern world.  Managing Editor Stel Bailey discusses the best methods for submitting content for publication.  Here she offers tips for getting noticed by the panel that reviews incoming submissions, with everything from communication to organization. 


The secret to getting published is to create eye-catching original content (photographs, articles, graphics, artwork).  Think outside of the box! We love creative submissions.

Compelling, original, and interesting stories that give our readers insight into the entire process or event.  The story needs to flow, have good structure, and correct terminology.

Images that feature the best stylists, props, locations, and wardrobe that fit in line with the look and feel of the magazine.

Content that is consistent and relevant to the magazine's style and theme.

Aspiring and passionate contributors who consistently submit to the publication.  Once you prove yourself to a publication and have a relationship with an editor, it's much easier to come back the second and third time to get published.


The skill of professionalism.  Editors value professionalism and recognize this.  It will go a long way in your personal career success, as well as get your work looked at first.

Provide good photography.  Do not underestimate the importance of good images.

Keep it simple by organizing all of your content into one file.  For instance put the publication release, images, credits, and article all under one download link.

Know the publication.  Take a look at the latest issues to get a feel for the style, what we're looking for, and what creative ideas you can bring to the table.

Take the time to do your homework.  What is acceptable and what isn't acceptable when submitting your work to a magazine, why should anyone take the time to look at what you are sending?  Editors are very BUSY.

Send in your best work by going through all of your images and selecting the ones you think fully represent you as an artist and the concept you're going for.  Offer something different.

Clearly demonstrate your talents.  Editors do not have time to try and find out if you're some undiscovered secret talent.

Your credibility.  Share your credentials and platforms.  Your promotion of the magazine must show that you have the ability to help sell it once released.

Be friendly.  Follow the publication and even their staff on every single social media site you can find them on.  Like, comment on, share, and read everything they post.  They won't fail to take notice of you.  Be bold when doing this, but not too stalkery.  You want to build contact and relationship, not get banned.

Send your submission so we receive them ahead of the deadline. This greatly helps your editor and admins, and this ensures your artwork will be considered for the first available deadline.

Do work experience.  Offering to intern is the fastest way to make contacts.


Make sure to read all of the instructions or submission guidelines.  Every publication has different guidelines and following their directions it will help push your content to pass the panel review.

Be certain that your submitted images are hi-res, 300 dpi, and at least 8" x 10"

Make sure we can see the details (vendors and written content) of the project and what makes it unique.

When pitching an idea, always be prepared with visuals.  If you approach us with just an idea, we will ask you to come back to us with photographs or artwork to support the article.


Wait.  Give the magazine adequate time to respond.  Wait a week or so before following up.  If you don't hear back within a few weeks to a month, send a letter to the publication.

Remember that editors are very busy.  They are often juggling several magazines at one time, all in various stages of production.  As much as we'd love to answer every email as soon as we receive it, sometimes it might take us a couple of days to get back to you. If you haven't heard back from us, feel free to send a follow-up email.

When contacting editors regarding a submission, always update your subject line and be specific (including an image of the item helps us out a lot!)  We want to answer your questions as soon as possible, and this will ensure that.

And above all, don't get discourage if your work isn't selected.  There are many reasons why something is or isn't selected.  We might have recently published something that looked similar or that used a similar technique. Many of our most frequently published artists will tell you that their first submissions were not selected but they kept at it.

At Vintage Affair, we believe that:

•  It's OK to embrace imperfection
•  That behind every image there's a story
•  Community over competition
•  That there is no wrong or right way to create art
•  In a body-positive philosophy

If you're ready to submit, guidelines can be found here:  Submission Guidelines & Submit Form

For any additional questions, contact us

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