Ms. Nashville Boogie

Ladies from around the world compete as a Southern Belle in Nashville, Tennessee.

Showcasing retro styled swimsuits these bombshells walked across the stage full of personality, beauty, and confidence for the first round.

One of the Ms. Nashville Boogie prizes included $300.  Wowser.

The pageant was hosted at the Opryland Hotel Resort in Nashville, TN.

The ladies that competed were full of humor and laughter.

The fashion was inspired by premium quality western wear.

The ladies put on their best dress for the second round.

They also had to answer one question each.

The 2016 Ms. Nashville Boogie Pinup Pageant was hosted by internationally known pinup model Bernie Dexter and king Dado Deluxe.  

And the winner is... BONNIE VALENTINE!

Congratulations to Bonnie Valentine and huge thanks to of the gorgeous ladies for putting on an amazing pageant.

To read Bonnie Valentine's interview with us be sure to grab your copy of the Vintage Affair Magazine summer 2016 issue!

2016 Summer Issue | Photography and Editorial by Stel Bailey:

Get ready for Nashville Boogie 2017:

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