Rockabilly Royale

The 7th Annual Rockabilly Royale Flagstaff, which took place this year at the Museum Club on June 25, was really something.  Hosted annually in June by Miss Catalina May of Chandler, AZ, this talented lady pulls off this event every year with style, and this year was no exception.

Lauren Perry, aka Lucky Zombie, of Phoenix, AZ was there to co-host as well as judge the pin-up contest.  Another talented lady, one can see the fun camaraderie Catalina and Lauren share and what fun they have hosting an event together.

The day began with the opening of the car show and some classic rockabilly tunes playing on the PA system.  The pin-up girls began filing in to check-in for the pin-up contest as the first band began to set up and play.

Dirty Dice of Tucson, AZ has a mix of classic and modern rockabilly style.  With just three members, one on guitar, one on bass, one on drums, they have a great, mighty sound with both their own and covers of classic rockabilly songs.

The Rhythm Dragons of Arizona were the next band up to play.  With a lot of swing influence in their music, this band was really rocking.  Quite a few times, the band members would come off the stage and play in the audience – the upright bass player jamming on his bass, while the drummer brought his snare down, and the guitar player climbed ON the upright.  It was a wild sight to behold.
And then began the pin-up contest.  There were 22 fantastic contestants this year, with only 5 sashes and 1 custom-made award to be won.  Each was announced, asked a personal question, and then given 30 seconds (with music!) to pose with a classic car.  Each gal had an amazing response to their question and a great time during their pose off.  It was going to be tough for the three judges.

This was the biggest Miss Rockabilly Royale contest Catalina said she had ever hosted.  Out of those 22 gals, about 18 were from Phoenix or the surrounding areas, with the other gals hailing from Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Tucson, and Eager, AZ.

Catalina said she began this contest since she felt other contests she had participated in weren’t really fair and the prizes were cheesy.  So she started the Miss Rockabilly Royale competition as a way to hold a fair pin-up contest with some really awesome prizes for not just the winners, but all the gals who took a chance worked hard on their look and got up on that stage to strut their stuff.
The grand finale of this year’s pin-up contest and car show ending up getting rained out.  The majority of the attendees and contestants stuck it out, huddling under canopies despite the sideways rain until official word to move inside the Museum Club was given.

The party moved inside and the pin-up winners were announced.  Miss Congeniality went to Miss Lily Lace, 3rd Place went to Queen of Curves, and 2nd Place went to Miss Mandy Lynn.  Frenchy Day has crowned Miss Psychobilly Royale and Anita Stiletto was crowned Miss Rockabilly Royale.
The names of the winners of the car show I was unable to obtain, but a winner was picked for Best Rat Rod, Best Custom, Best Overall, and People’s Choice.  Kevin Thompson made unique trophies for each winning car and a custom clock for one people’s choice pin-up girl (Ms. Stepford was the lucky winner of this amazing goodie).  Each trophy was truly a beauty to behold in person and those winners took home an amazing piece of art.

Overall, the 7th Annual Rockabilly Royale in Flagstaff was a fantastic time to be had.  The car show this year wasn’t as big as it had been in previous years, but with the 22 amazing pin-up girls competing for a crown, the event was still a big success with a great turnout.  Next year will be even more amazing!

Credits for Story: Emmy DeLight
IG @theemmydelight

Credits for Photos: Janine Marie

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