Vintage Affair is a lifestyle magazine featuring history, vintage fashion and style, music, culture, recipes, tutorials, beauty, and much more.  Our magazine not only encompasses every part of the vintage lifestyle but provides a visual style that is sleek and modern, stylish and fashion conscious, aesthetically aware and visually minimalist and uncluttered.

Our print issue is of the highest quality, with a glossy finish and perfect binding, while the cover is printed on a heavier cover stock with a satin UV coating.  The design of the magazine is clean, blended with modern techniques, and features notable retro fashion.  We have four 80-page seasonal magazines a year and four 60-page special editions in between.


Behind this print is a group of women from different time zones who specialize in different areas of the publication. They are a combination of artistic ability and knowledge which provides readers with valuable information and entertaining articles. Vintage Affair also consists of contributors from all around the world drawn to retro trends.  Their talents range from authentic and classic pin-up photography, graphic designing, journalism, modeling, retro makeup and hair, and era specific wardrobe styling.

Founded by a Florida lifestyle and pin-up photographer, Stel Bailey, who originally went to college for journalism.  Stel noticed that there was a need for an editorial and fashioned forward print inspired by the vintage lifestyle.  Hoping to showcase a twenty-first century society in love with different eras Stel came up with Vintage Affair.

Launching in 2015 with the intent to promote talented photographers, models, and artists in a creative and supportive way Vintage Affair is a rapidly growing publication that receives 500+ views daily.

We are lucky to have many vintage enthusiasts as regular contributors.  These include:  Photographers Kristen Wheeler, Janine Marie and Lizeth Binkley; Vintage models Scarlett Vondetta and Yasmina Greco; clothing designer Krista Stern; vintage blogger Doris Hobbs; Hair and Makeup artist Miriam Rodriguez.