*4/3/20 Update: We are no longer in print production but are still accepting online submissions for this blog. we are working on updating our website. thank you for your patience!


What is the theme of your magazine?   
Vintage Affair is a magazine that's focused around the vintage and pinup lifestyle.  We are open to all kinds of pinup styles including Classic Cheesecake, Hollywood Fashion, Burlesque, Kitschy, Atomic, and anything that goes along with our theme.  We have a main seasonal magazine with 80+ pages and special editions in between. 

Will you give me feedback or a review on my imagery? 
Unfortunately, we get dozen of submissions and cannot give feedback at this time.  On our website you will find helpful resources to help aid you in the submission process.  You will also find helpful content through our email newsletter and on social networks. 

Do I get a free copy of the magazine if I'm published?  
We wish we could offer tons of free copies to our fans!  Could you imagine?  That would be a wonderful way to get our name out, but that's not the case.   However, we do offer the option of purchasing our publication as a digital download so that all of our fans can still enjoy the print.

Will I get paid or compensated if published in your print?
As s a 'part payment' you will receive a tear sheet and exposure for your work in our worldwide publication.  We make certain that credits are provided so that readers can find you.

What is a tear sheet?
A tear sheet is a copy of your spread(s) sent as a PDF or JPEG.  Tear sheets are a great promotional tool for artists because it is proof that you have been published by our magazine.  

What are the benefits to becoming a contributor?
As an official contributor you have the ability to use Vintage Affair for advertising and a publication guarantee for your clients! You also have the ability to make the front cover and will be listed under the contributors section on the table of contents page of our website. The goal is that this will drive more paid work your way, and we get exclusive content.  You will also have access to press passes to cover events.  

How can I become a contributor?
We are always on the lookout for new, talented artists to join our team! Becoming an official contributor can be very beneficial. You cannot be an exclusive artist for any other publication (digital or print) and must be published in our magazine already in order to apply.

Where is the release form I need to fill out?
The publication release is for download under the SUBMIT portion of this website.

Are my photographs going to be cropped?
Our designers strive to create the most appealing layouts with an editorial feel and will try extremely hard to preserve your original dimensions.   Please remember that we are more than images and are focused on creating written content to go along with the imagery.

Can I post the images online if you're publishing them? 
We ask that you wait to announce your photo set until the issue you are being published in is on sale.  All unseen submissions will take priority over images that are already published on the internet.

How will you know if we published them already?
We have some really nerdy pinup dolls on our team who know how to plug in your image information to scan the internet world for your photos. 

Does Vintage Affair buy wholesale from companies to feature their products?
Yes.  If you are a clothing boutique, accessory designer, beauty supplier or someone with a product that can be used for a print publication email Becca at admin@vintageaffairmagazine.com.  We work with many vendors buying their product wholesale and are always interested in building business relationships. 

Can I write something for your print?
Absolutely!  Writers submit content just like photographers or models.  

What kind of written content are you looking for?
Stories, tutorials, educational, controversial, historic, creative, fictional and anything that will engage readers.

Who do I contact about Vintage Affair covering my event?
Please contact Liz at admin@vintageaffairmagazine.com 

Where can I get a copy of the magazine?
Click the SHOP tab on our website.

Can I get the magazine wholesale?
Whenever you buy 20 copies or more of a publication, we'll automatically deduct 25% off the printing costs of that publication.  

Is there another way I can purchase a copy of your magazine?
We are only sold online at this time.  

What's the price of your magazine?
You will notice that pricing fluctuates depending on the amount of pages that are in it. 

Who do I contact about a misprint?  
You can email Sam at admin@vintageaffairmagazine.com with any misprints and the corrections will be printed in the table of contents in the next issue.  

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